Quality Policy

In order for the Quality Management System effectively and achieve, we have established and maintained the Quality Policy and communicated within the organization to all units.

1. Customers
- The number of written complaints from customers about delayed, must not exceed 02 cases a year.
- The information to respond to customers about the solution to resolve the complaint does not exceed 48 hours from the receipt of the complaint of the customer.
2. Products
- Products meet the requirements of product standards and requirements of customers.
- The breakdown rate of the product smaller permissible failure rate according of the technical specifications.
- There are no products failing to meet quality requirements or deteriorating in quality during storage and storage.
3. Safety
- There is no serious unsafe incident in the production, research, manufacture, testing, transportation of goods and in traffic due to subjective fault.

To be one of the leading companies with prestige and brand name in   the field of manufacturing mechanical products for export, technical plastis and civil plastics. 31 Electro Mechanism and Explosive one-member limited liability company commits:
1. Always provide products and services with good quality to satisfy the demand of customer.
2. Always maintain the belief of customer in product, brand and prestige of EME-31.

1. Applying ISO 9001 Quality Management System and 5S program to production and business activities.
2. Continually and improve the Quality Management System suitable with the development of Vietnam and the world.
3. Technological improvement, application of new technology, improvement of technological equipment, mechanization, automation and rationalization of production process. In order to increase labor productivity, product quality and ensure occupational safety and health.
4. Propagate to all members of the company understand and strictly follow all quality regulations related to their work.
5. Closely connected with customers and create the best conditions to satisfy the requirements of customers.