Core values

Prestige: Reputation with customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues in all words and jobs.
Respect: Respect partners, clients and colleagues through courteous communication and attentive listening.
Responsibilities: Responsible for all tasks and responsible for our decisions.
Honesty: Honest in all words and deeds, frankly share constructive and honest views of mistakes when making mistakes.
Creative: Active, active and creative in all jobs such as design, manufacturing, construction and in communication with customers.
Teamwork: Team spirit, solidarity, cooperation, building and helping each other in work.
Professionalism: Neat style, quick action, disciplined and friendly.
Safety: Safety is always a top priority! Ensure safety for people and property, in design research and production process also.
Result: All attitudes, words and actions bring value to customers, build and develop ourselves, our colleagues and our company.